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opus (noun): the result of your creative efforts

What is True North Mastery?

True North Mastery was formed by a group of entrepreneurs, each with a unique story of overcoming adversity in our lives: Some physical or mental, others financial or familial. After periods of hopelessness, trial and error, and finally, through coaching and mentorship, we discovered that our adversities were a result of fantasies and inaccurate notions about Life—especially on money matters—and a lack of clarity regarding what we truly want in our own individual lives.

Our difficulties in life are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.

Charles F. Haanel

Our Team

Starting from the left: Terence, Gim Thia, William, Vinod, Edwin, Edmund, Dev, Ruihong, Patrick

Seated: Whitney

What We Offer

Personalised Coaching and Mentorship

Create Asset
Based Income

Develop Habits
For Success

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