About Us

True North Mastery was formed by a group of entrepreneurs, each with a unique story of overcoming adversity in our lives: Some physical or mental, others financial or familial. 

After periods of hopelessness, trial and error, and finally, through coaching and mentorship, we discovered that our adversities were a result of fantasies and inaccurate notions about Life—especially on money matters—and a lack of clarity regarding what we truly want in our own individual lives.

Through our myriad of experiences meeting other aspiring entrepreneurs, we have come to realise that they, too, face similar challenges such as the unwillingness to change and allure of simply earning a living; not because of a lack of skill, but simply because of misinformation, wrong guidance, deep seated false beliefs, and ill-defined life purposes.

At True North Mastery, we aim to help people (re)discover themselves. Through a structured coaching and mentorship programme, we deploy our expertise in guiding people to overcome their inertia, develop a personal vision, and design their lives. If you are looking for a fundamental shift and are willing to impact others in a positive and empowering way, you have come to the right place.

Our difficulties in life are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.

Charles F. Haanel

The Team

William Anthony

Edwin Lim

Say Devendra

Terence Seah

Ng Gim Thia

Cai Ruihong

Edmund Yeo

Vinod Chandar

Whitney Tan

Patrick Tan

William’s personal learning curve increased exponentially after being inducted through conventional postgraduate education in business at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and going through an unorthodox enterprise education at Excellerated Business Schools in Bali, Indonesia.

Originally trained as an accountant, he moved on to work as Sales Director for an Italian consortium focusing on high-end fashion, before migrating to a US-based seminar and training company as Director of Sales and Marketing. Being responsible for sales and event management in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, his exposure to entrepreneurship and training greatly accelerated. Yet after more than 30 years of professional experience in the fields of corporate finance, management, sales and marketing, he became unhappy with the job environment and the constant struggle to make ends meet.

“An asset puts money in your pocket while a liability takes money out of your pocket.” William came to realise that wealth belongs predominantly to the business owner because a business is fundamentally an asset. With this revelation, he tried his hand thrice in building a traditional business but failed miserably each time.

Nonetheless, William remained certain that the only way to create wealth was to build a business. In October 2002, his nephew, a practising lawyer, introduced him to an e-commerce opportunity. Sceptical at first, he decided to do three months of research on it while pursuing his Master’s in Business. The outcome of that research was mind-boggling. Not only did it help him clarify and understand the differences between traditional and non-traditional businesses, it also opened his mind to the growing e-commerce industry. In the process, he stumbled upon his current mentors, Kankan and Samina Bhattacharya, from New Jersey, USA, who retired in their 30s. They have since been a blessing in his life for the past 17 years, coaching and mentoring him and his team.

Today, William is paying it forward by doing the same — coaching and mentoring many individuals to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Edwin is a certified personal trainer, parkour coach, as well as swimming and aqua cycling instructor. His journey as a fitness professional started in 2013 when he decided that self-employment would be the best way forward since he disliked the idea of working for a fixed salary and having a boss control him.

After two to three years of making good money as a freelancer, Edwin began looking for other income sources and wealth creation opportunities where he can be financially free from an already lucrative career. He chanced upon a mentorship team and was fortunate enough to catch the attention of a complete stranger, who willingly took him under his wing and coached him about the world of business and methods of generating wealth, instead of solely relying on a freelance income.

Today, with the knowledge, mentorship and support he has, Edwin plans to walk away from his freelance work by the age of 35 and begin pursuing his passion and vision of making parkour mainstream and well-recognised globally.

Dev has lived a colourful life that saw him got involved in recreational drugs, almost fathering a child out of wedlock, facing three near death experiences, and being in a toxic relationship with someone for over 13 years.

Having struggled with his religious identity since the age of 17, he finally decided to free himself from the indoctrination when he was 30, resulting in much disapproval and backlash from his family.

Lost and confused, Dev journeyed far into the world in search of answers, inevitably becoming more spiritual in the process. Ultimately, he decided that doing what matters most in the world is more important than simply being passionate about something. He came to realise that being free from within is of greater significance than freedom on the outside — an awareness that has opened his mind to endless possibilities.

With the love and support from his mentor, who has been instrumental in shaping his thought process over the past year, Dev now has a vision: Changing the world, one unique story at a time. The reason behind this? Allow him to share more with you in person.

This is Dev’s ongoing, unique story. Yours may just help to change the world too.

Terence has a background in Information System. While studying, he observed people around him and started to question the well-worn path taught to him since young. He began to realise that life is more than just earning a living.

Since then, he has been searching for alternatives in life. Through his elder brother, he was fortunate to meet a successful gentleman and earn his mentorship. Ever since, his beliefs and perspectives about life started to change.

Leading his life without a purpose had brought him nowhere previously. Today, following the vision of Globally Inspiring People in Living Privileged Lives, he leads his life meaningfully with a new perspective and seeks to share it with others.

Gim Thia’s quest for financial independence began just shy of turning 20 while he was serving National Service in the army. Having realised the impossibility of achieving economic and personal freedom solely through employment, he saw the prospect of being in business for himself when Ruihong, a close high school senior, extended to him an invitation to do so via direct marketing.

Little did he know that through this chance opportunity, he would get to meet eminent individuals across diverse backgrounds—people already well-to-do in their original professions—who are also building their own businesses. In the process, he earned the tough but invaluable mentorship from William and gradually learnt the ropes towards building a strong and sustainable business. Today, Gim Thia is on his way to creating an asset-based income. Apart from acquiring financial security for his family, the business allows him to realise his vision of globally helping people develop their potential and achieve their most heart-desired dreams.

By education, Gim Thia graduated with honours from Nanyang Technological University, double majoring in Psychology and Chinese. After having spent a year in the education service doing psychological work with mainstream and special education schools, he is currently back in the university completing a full-time research masters in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, where he analyses clinical communication in medical encounters to better healthcare delivery in Singapore.

“Study hard and you will have a good life.”

Following that advice, Ruihong excelled in academics and went on to receive multiple scholarships since the age of fifteen. However, after chancing upon a book by Robert Kiyosaki, he realised that to be financially free, he must do what the wealthy minority does rather than follow the masses.

After a year of searching, Ruihong chanced upon a mentorship team and was blessed to be mentored by a successful gentleman who not only enjoys financial success, but also has the heart to add value to people. Thanks to the mentorship received, various other aspects of his life also improved. More importantly, he became much clearer about himself and his path in life.

Today, working as a marketer in a non-profit organisation and running his own business, Ruihong is living a more purposeful life and pursuing his vision of giving hope to others and inspiring lives.

Originally trained as an engineer, Edmund’s path changed when he stumbled upon the internet industry.

On a leap of faith, he left his university education and started his online business. Due to a lack of mentorship, he failed miserably in the first few years.

Witnessing the death of his father in 2015, followed by a near death encounter in 2016, Edmund started questioning the purpose of his life while lying in the hospital ward.

It was at that lowest point of his life that he met his mentor, a successful entrepreneur in his 50s, through an army friend. He helped Edmund to find meaning in what he went through and guided him to discover his life purpose.

Thanks to his mentorship, every aspect of his life has improved: physical, mental, financial, spiritual, vocational, social and familial; all while building an e-commerce asset to create wealth for his future generations to come.

Vinod Chandar is an educator by profession, working and coaching students of all ages from the young to the old. Before being introduced to this business by a former secondary school friend, Vinod was undergoing tertiary education to be a primary school teacher. His father’s failed business venture and subsequent bankruptcy had made him detest going into business. However, meeting his business coach and mentor, William Anthony, changed his life forever.

“I was hoping to retire young from teaching so that in future, I can spend time with my family and children — something I felt was missing when I was growing up. He posed to me what could be the most defining question of my life: How many teachers do I personally know who have retired financially at a young age through the profession, and are spending all their time with their children and educating them? The bitter truth is that my answer was “none”, and till today, I have yet to find one. It was then that I realised what I was wishing for was an illusion which will never happen. I would probably live an average and unsatisfactory life if I did not change. ”

Through mentorship and the education system available from the business, Vinod realised that his father’s failure can become his wisdom to build an even bigger, stronger and more profitable business for himself.

“My father had neither prior business experience nor mentorship from anyone who has a financial interest in him succeeding. This led him to trust the wrong people, who eventually cheated him. Today, I have come to realise that it is absolutely essential for aspiring entrepreneurs to find a business coach who has a customised system of ongoing education for them, in order to prevent major pitfalls in business and to persevere through the storms when the inevitable happens.”

Last but not least, building this business has expanded Vinod’s vision, goals and dreams.

“All my father wanted from his business was a better life and more choices for his family. Through my business, I know that I will achieve his dream and discharge him out of bankruptcy. Moreover, there are many parents out there who yearn for a way to spend more time and money with their children but cannot due to their job responsibilities. Now, I see it as my mission to serve and inspire them to take charge of their lives and their children’s.”

Whitney is the Executive Director of Reyna Movement, a regional social enterprise based in Singapore. She works with marginalised women, inching them towards improved standards of living through personal branding and development. At a very young age, she was propelled towards freedom and saw it as her mission to help others do the same.

Whitney is also an artist with her own private practice. With her background in Media and Art, she seeks to blend the two practices into documentary and visual storytelling, translating meaning into her art. Fluidity is core in her works as it takes form of whatever holds, and spills beyond those boundaries.

A strong advocate for freedom and a believer that everyone is an artist in his or her own rights, she continues to serve and help others discover the artist within. Her vision is to Inspire Creative Thinking.

After 14 years of working in a multinational company, Patrick was retrenched. He then went into business with a friend, but lost all his money and had to go back to a job. In the next 15 years, he had to “quit” again twice — the first time because the boss ran out of money and the second time due to a change in the boss’s management direction.

Feeling frustrated, Patrick started looking for a lasting, dependable income outside of a job. He spent a lot of time and money to learn but had no success. Eventually, he was fortunate to find a mentorship team with a successful business model.

They agreed to coach and mentor him for free. Starting with very little capital, Patrick had learnt to build his own income-generating asset after a few years. With this asset now generating returns without him, he has finally secured a lasting source of income that will go to his children when he is gone.

Now he is paying forward with the team, looking out for willing learners.