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True North Mastery was formed in 2019 by a group of experienced business owners in the direct selling industry. Originally set up with the idea of espousing general entrepreneurial content grounded in coaching and mentorship, it has now evolved into an initiative to educate members of the public particularly about our trade and profession. 

Over the years, we have observed that people are either remarkably unaware of direct selling or have a markedly deficient understanding of it. Indeed, misconceptions about the sector are abound. Arising from various reasons such as confusion with fraudulent schemes, errant practices by individual sellers, and the proliferation of opinions without evidential basis, these beliefs can negatively impact all stakeholders involved, including consumers at large.

Against this backdrop, we endeavour to demystify the industry by providing facts backed by research and data cited from proper sources. It is also hoped that we may assist you in evaluating and verifying the legitimacy of networking business opportunities. If you are looking for an accurate understanding of direct selling based on critical thinking rather than unfounded hearsay, you have come to the right place.

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